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  1. Women: I'm pregnant what should I do?
  2. Pro life: keep the baby!
  3. Women: okay! Can I have prenatal vitamins?
  4. Pro life: what?
  5. Women: can I have financial help for doctor appointments?
  6. Pro life: ummm.....
  7. Women: can I at least get paid maternity leave?
  8. Pro life: ummm... Excuse me?
  9. Women: the baby is here can I get financial help?
  10. Pro life: I'm sorry do we know you?
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Ouroboros: thirst for ass so strong he started eating his own.

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I use tumblr more out of habit than enjoyment at this point

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He loves digging holes…and then sitting in them and staring at everybody

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I’ll tell you the most believable thing about [Orange Is The New Black] is the idea that Piper only got 15 months for running dope money…I’m a white blonde girl who went out and willfully fucked up and committed armed robbery, and I got five years. There were tons of black girls in my prison who were holding onto a bag of dope for a couple of days, and they always seemed to get, like, 10 years. If you ever find yourself in prison and wonder why there’s tension between white and black, shit like that is probably one of the reasons.
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers [x]

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Minimum wage should be linked to the poverty level. 

This is basic economic fact.

A business that claims it can’t afford to pay a living wage to its workers is admitting that by definition it fails to meet its basic operating expenses. That major multinational corporations can be “successful” while failing to meet a basic operating expense is only possible because We The People pick up their greedy/lazy slack through taxes and charity. 

And yet somehow it’s everybody else who’s a moocher and a looter…

And this corrosive greed is a big part of what’s slowly poisoning the U.S. economy. Money being hoarded at the top and put in “safe” investments and bank accounts is money that does nothing for no one. It’s just an elaborate means of keeping score. Money put into the hands of the workers does what money is meant to do: it circulates. It gets spent. The same dollar will go through dozens of sets of hands, touching dozens of lives, feeding dozens of people and sparking profits for dozens of businesses. The same dollar, in the hands of the rich, will generally do… nothing. It won’t create jobs. It won’t fund innovations. It won’t start businesses.

Less than 1% of corporate revenues become wages for workers. Less than 3% of the wealthy are actually entrepreneurs (people who risk their money on business ventures that create jobs). 

But 100% of the working class spends their money. That money creates jobs. That money fuels innovations. That money becomes profits. That money keeps the economy ticking.

We have been lied to about who are the parasites and who are the drivers of the economy. We have largely accepted a view of money as a means of keeping score and the economy as something that must have winners and losers, rather than money being a proxy for barter and an economy being a way to divide the labor of society and distribute the load of living

#poverty #classism

"A business that claims it can’t afford to pay a living wage to its workers is admitting that by definition it fails to meet its basic operating expenses."

"Less than 1% of corporate revenues become wages for the workers."

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Being over-encumbered in an Elder Scrolls game:



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